1. LED Lighting Control system

    Each commercial space has different lighting needs. We offer a broad range of commercial lighting solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Selecting the correct configuration of lighting and energy products is essential to any commercial environment and not only benefits your end profit by decreasing expense but improves the overall experience of both customers and employees alike. We can customize your commercial lighting solution to best benefit your organization for the highest return on your investment. From flat panels and high bays to exit signs and explosion proof fixtures, we offer a variety of options that allow us to customize a solution that will increase the safety and security of your building while keeping your expenses as minimal as possible.

    Besides, we also provide LED lighting retrofit program to our customer by help them to doing inspection and energy consumption assessment and advise them on what led suit them most and to ensure that they lower their operation costs and channel their savings to better use.

  2. Dimming Control System

    Whether you are looking for to reduce energy cost, increase comfort, or manage light control solution, we can offer you the flexibility you need with the energy saving you want.

    Nowadays, we can program dimming control system with tablet to control environment ambience. It is very convenience and helpful to those big events.

  3. Motor /Pump Control system

    We are more than a pump supplier. We have vast experience and expertise to provide the below services to our clients:

    1. Provide engineering advice and solution on pumping systems.
    2. Provide service and spare parts support for after-sales service.
    3. Perform pump audit on existing pumps in buildings for potential energy saving.
    4. Upgrading hydro-pneumatic system to the modern variable speed system.

    Besides that, our technical specialists can complete all major and minor water pumps maintenance, installations, and repairs, whilst maintaining high quality work. We offer a reliable professional service that has been trusted by our satisfied customers.

  4. Solar Panels System

    We design, build & Install Solar Panel System for Residential & Commercial Building and even for Industrial. Commercial solar panels employ many solar arrays to generate more electricity. These can be installed on the top of buildings and generate enough energy to meet the building's power needs. It will Reduce the cost of your energy bill.