B&H Intec Solutions Sdn Bhd is a Total Building solution provider. Since the company’s incorporation in 2012, B&H Intec Solution continues to expand business coverage throughout the country. By partnering with world-class technology partners, we can provide an innovative solution to our clients. We work together as a team to create and produce good quality work for the values that we believe in.

B&H Intec Solution offers expertise in variety building management solutions like monitoring system, energy saving solution, disaster & recovery, monthly health check, consulting services, and outsourcing services, with advanced skills in consultation, integration and management services, and more since our establishment. We craft total solutions and services for our valued customers with the latest technology and innovation to help client to improve productivity.

Today, we serve over 1,000+ customers in Malaysia – from individuals, small, and large-sized businesses, to government and public listed companies. We cover major segments in the line of hotel, insurance, government, semiconductor, retail, and manufacturing